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Year in Review 2022

Is there any point in your life where you do not change as a person? The nature of existing as a human being is change. That change could be for better or for worse but the only certainty is nothing will ever remain the same on a human or a universal scale–unless you count heat death. When I was younger I had a feeling when positive things happened that something negative would occur in the future and vice versa. It’s an intuition that has borne out but it could also be my convenient classification of good and bad.

In any event, this has been a year where I had attended two weddings of school classmates, made new and reconnected with old friends, contracted COVID-19 during class instruction on campus, almost died in an accident, seen the galactic center of the Milky Way, attended a funeral, and gotten promoted.

When I look back at the past year’s events they don’t always neatly fit together in this mental map, but it is strange that there is a wave-like pattern to things that have positively or negatively impacted me.

A sampling of shots from the last year with possibly more to come:

One of my first photos of Rock Creek Park in 2022
The Year of the Tiger at the REACH

Walking Across Times Square

August Trip to CA to See Brian and Zenia

The Bride and Groom + 4
Through the Milky Way | The best iPhone 12 quality
Sunrise at the billion-star accommodation near Telescope Peak
Tufted evening primrose (Oenothera caespitosa) near my tent

Shots from the DC Area

With Ike at Joint Base Andrews
Deinosuchus hatcheri fossil at work

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