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As the World Convulsed, Life Went On

What a wild year 2020 has been. I made yet another move, another career change, all in the backdrop of a pandemic. I made my last trip overseas to Vietnam with a stop-over in Singapore during the Tet holiday, not knowing that a month later all movement would grind to a halt. I was fortunate enough to ride out the lockdown with a living that allowed me to work remotely, while many in the world are still eking out survival in purgatory. I am fortunate that my family are all well, including my relatives in Shanghai, who are now conversely concerned with my welfare amid COVID-19 developments in the United States. If there is one thing this pandemic has taught me, it is that nothing stays.

The Danes and our warm homestay hostess. If you find yourself in Saigon, you can do no better than staying at La vie de Hannah.


Sweet nostalgia going back to Singapore and meeting with LKY buddies. Shout out to Will, Chorks, Jean, Yee Wee, and Azira. I still miss you guys.


Socially distanced at Halfmoon Mountain.
Credit: Albert Hans Cramer


November 7, 2020


Descending the Devil’s Nose with Brandon and Albert.
Credit: Albert Hans Cramer


DC buds now scattered near and far: Zenia, Megha, Lisa, Erin, Mona, and Neha.
Credit: Zenia Montero Chang

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