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2019 in Review

It’s been over a year now since I’ve moved to the District and I can say that this has been another year of personal growth. This may have been the most pivotal year of my life in many respects.

Transitioning from having lived abroad, including silly things like getting used to three-ring instead of two-ring binders and not using the metric system, made my move to a new place this time last year even more jarring. I’ve been more or less okay with three-ring binders now.

I started a habit of daily journaling which has helped me put into context emotions and events that slowly blur together if you’re not conscientious of them.

I started new work at Defenders of Wildlife and I’ll see what the future holds here. Even though I want to make more impact in my job (who wouldn’t?), I feel confident that I’m finally on the right course after a long time in the career building wilderness.

Baby Yoda joining us backpacking in Shenandoah.
Haagen-Dazs ice cream cake is the best birthday cake.
The Irving Street Vets. Still need those, “I survived 1308 North Irving St.” T-shirts
Me and the Gaudios at the Baltimore Light City.
Me single-handedly powering the Baltimore Light City.

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